ShamRock and the TuLips

The harmonic acoustic-funky-folk quartet from the Hague.

ShamRock & The TuLips:  "the harmonic-Acoustic-Funky Folk quartet  
who will make you stand silently in reverie." 

Founded on 29th August 2016, ShamRock and the TuLips are a newly formed quartet from the Hague, combining acoustic music with three voice harmony and many different instruments. 

The musicians and singers, Sinéad, Boris, Andrea and Gijs both write their own music and interpret cover-songs encompassing their own style and feeling:

Harmonic-Acoustic-Funky-Folk: warm string instruments; ukelele, guitar and double-bass, augmented by three warm and strong solo singers and centred around funky percussion on the cajon, underlined with a concertina.

ShamRock and the TuLips: the combination of an almost inexhaustible musical repertoire, a keen sense of the audience's wishes and a stage show, which will move you not only off your chair, but emotionally. 

Versatility without sacrificing professional quality: musical diversity, feeling and crystal-clear sound: these are the attributes of ShamRock and the TuLips. 

The 4 musicians combine a long lasting musical experience from studios, musical ensembles, showbands or artist accompaniment of big names such as Weathergirls, Patti LaBelle, Sydney Youngblood, Dante Thomas and many more.

A musical treat for heart and soul: played from the heart straight into yours.

About Us

Sinéad, Boris, Andrea and Gijs, who form the band: ShamRock and the Tulips, inspire their audience to dance, whilst you're still trying to figure out what their lyrics are about. They lead their listeners into dream-land, letting their music calm you into your descent there. 

Presenting an oasis of harmony, pure feeling, and experience, at one with the sensitive string instruments. 

A band not to be missed - sit back, relax and let the four angels on your shoulder bring music to your ears.