Sinéad                                                             Boris

Born in 1977 in Dublin, Ireland, Sinéad moved abroad in 1998 and has lived in many countries since, until finding her home in the Hague, in January 2016. Her first ever on-stage performance was in a cabaret in Dublin at the age of 6. 

With her successfully completed vocal and drama studies (Royal Irish Academy of Music) under her belt, Sinéad was able to seize the stage here in The Netherlands in a very short time. 

She is, thanks to her unique performance, one of the most sought after performers and guest stars in many different areas of entertainment here and abroad. 

She’s the voice of the SWR3 Brandings and Jingles (German National Radio Station), has collaborated with Weather Girls, Patti LaBelle and Chris Thompson to name but a few. Sinéad's compositions are written from the heart, encorporating both her daring and sensitive personality in both music and lyrics.

"Whether she sings soul, jazz, rock, or musical, after seeing her for the first-time, you’re guaranteed to follow her footsteps enthusiastically forever."  

Thought process under way: coming soon

Gijs                                                                     Andrea


Born and raised in a musical family, Gijs started singing at a very young age, yet he only came to full musical maturity after he decided to switch careers from an office job to start performing in the fine arts.

The last five years Gijs has worked as a solo artist as well as being a member of a variety of musical formations, performing both songs from others and his own compositions. 

He has a strong characteristic voice and combines this strength with delicate fingerpicking on the guitar and sometimes passionate strumming patterns. His songwriting is channelled from real life, with heartfelt lyrics and warm melodies.


If you happened to have walked along the canals in the city center of Amsterdam, the chances of having seen Andrea playing by the Oude Kerk on one of the many bridges that lead to the red light district, are huge. 

Born in Milano (IT) in 1990, he moved to The Netherlands in 2012 to study at the Conservatory; supporting himself by busking, playing in clubs and making a name for himself in the music industry. 

He has been working as a full time musician ever since, playing in different projects and touring throughout Europe (Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal) Middle East (UAE) and Asia (Macau, Taiwan and Hong Kong). 

It was in the Spring of 2017 that he joined ShamRock and The TuLips. There was fantastic chemistry from the start and they quickly succeeded making their different stories and musical background come together, creating a very unique sound.